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What's in a name? An introduction to Aquarius Rising

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

An Aquarius Rising

I have a special knack for adopting trends way after they become cool. So even though it's been some twenty-odd years since blogging first hit the scene, I'd say there's no better time for me to join the party :).

Welcome to Aquarius Rising, where I'll share my latest adventures, endeavors and reflections on everything from purposeful living and wellness to 'influence' and love languages. Consider it a mixed bag of professional updates and spiritual musings, held together with a heavy dose of authenticity.

Why the name Aquarius Rising? Well, I'm a massive personality/astrology junkie and regrettably, what so many of us identify as our zodiac sign is only a small part of our complete astrological story 😱. I'd always known that there was more to me than my swaggy Sagittarius mojo but never felt an honest urge to get to the bottom of it. That is, until this year, when a spontaneous trip to see the musical Hair, a decade's long infatuation with Sasha Allen's 2009 performance of 'Aquarius,' and an unshakeable feeling that there just had to be something Aquarian about me, I was finally inspired to explore my chart.

When the moon is in the Seventh House And Jupiter aligns with Mars Then peace will guide the planets And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!

Many of us identify with just one sign, our sun sign. It's the arrangement of stars that the center of the solar system appeared to sit in at our time of birth and it represents our core 'ego' essence. But a full astrological analysis tell us so much more-- the whole gamut of celestial interactions during our introduction to Earth, like which sign was rising on the eastern horizon at our time of birth (our Rising or Ascendant sign) and the zodiac positioning of the moon when we first came to be (our Moon sign).

So this past spring, I decided it high time to learn more about what the Universe had written in the stars for me. Was I surprised to discover my Moon sign (reflecting our inner emotional workings) is the deeply sensitive Cancer or that, yes, my Rising sign (capturing how we view the world and present ourselves outwardly to it) is the creative and individualistic Aquarius? No. Truth is, I'd long had a nagging notion that Aquarius featured prominently in my chart. But more meaningfully: while I had been a proud Sagittarius and Hair soundtrack geek for years, I was only driven to discover this part of my astrospiritual identity when I finally made the choice to shed a career I knew was ill-fitting for me and start living the purposeful life I was always destined for. Coincidence? Perhaps. Synchronicity and Alignment? Certainly.

Aquarius Rising is an account of what love looks like when you consciously choose it for yourself.

With love,

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Aquarius Rising is an account of what love looks like

when you consciously choose it for yourself.

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