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Through the pursuit of personal fulfillment and continual discovery of self,

the Divine Feminine expands social consciousness and inspires positive change.



Sultry pop-R&B songstress ANISE is ready to leave her mark. More than a decade after her first bedroom writing sessions, ANISE’s debut delivers intoxicating melody, lush vocal harmony and poetic truth-telling. Her warm tone captivates and soothes, the years of late-night jazz jams in New York and France hinted at in her fresh approach. Originally from New York, ANISE's artistry took off after a move to London in 2018. “I’m a classic girl with nostalgia for the mid-century Black American artist experience in Europe.” She draws inspiration from iconic siren performers, including Sade, Eartha Kitt and Janet Jackson, and ranks Victoria Monet, Sinead Harnett, SZA and Snoh Aalegra among her contemporary influences. Her debut EP, Black Eve, explores themes of independence, womanhood and authentic empowerment. An ode to goddess intuition, it was released October 2021.

Artist Bio


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The Divine Feminine

What is the Divine Feminine?

The Divine Feminine is You. The Divine Feminine is Me. She is one-half the collective consciousness intrinsically linking humanity.

She is guided by intuition, rooted in creativity and driven by love. Her mission is healing. Her avenue is connection.

For centuries, the Divine Feminine has been subjugated to the hyper-influence of the Divine Masculine. In the present era, the Divine Feminine is slowly reclaiming her rightful place of reverence as the source of all life. Awaiting us is a harmoniously blended future, balanced divinely feminine and masculine.

Will you join the reawakening?

Rise Divine Feminine, rise!

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